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Aiken SDA Church

It's cold outside,

ABSENTEES: Lee V., Rona, Bob, Karyn and granddaughter, grandson was present with his Dad and family, Christian, Russell, he was going home from the hospital this afternoon; Michelle, Gloria Clayton and Larry, Gracie, Brian and Francis, Heyward and Sarina, Claudette, Henry VISITORS: Guest speaker, Peter, Ryan and wife

Pray for all who were absent today for whatever reason. Pray that all will go well for me on Monday when I will have a kneecap replaced. As the weather changes pray for those who do not have adequate resources or facilities to keep warm. Pray that the church construction will be completed in the time frame that has been allotted. May God continue to bless us a church family and all our individual families, Sis. 'Mina

Received: February 5, 2017