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Aiken SDA Church


Happy new year again,

ABSENTEES: I am going by memory because I did not take the time for deliberate inspection on yesterday so this list may not be complete: Lee V., Karen and her grands, Christian, Ann, Michelle, Mike, Gracie, Don and Mary, Brian and Francis, Trisa is no longer attending Aiken Church VISITORS:Rafael's (our speaker for the day) lady friend, there were some visitors sitting in the chairs on the back left -hand side, looked like a family, but I did not get their names. PRAYER REQUESTS: JOAN MULLER: All my neighbors: Karen's husband died, Gail's son died; Linda found a spot on her lung; Milton is paralyzed from waist down his wife Patricia has heart problems; Joe will have heart surgery, his wife Meg is unable to urinate; Mary Ellen is in ICU-her kidney's are shut down; that all goes well with closing of a house that Evelyn inherited. GLORIA CURRY: Pray for my niece Kiesha Lloyd Kennedy, director of the Lloyd Kennedy Charter School and Aiken Performing Arts Schools in Daniel Lloyd Education Education Center. She has a severe case of asthma. Because of previous treatments through the years they cannot find one that will work. Pray for healing or recovery. Continue to pray for me as I work in the communities surrounding our area; also my upcoming Share Him trip to Africa. Pray for safe travel mercies as I attempt to serve in the capacities which God has given me.. Pray for all Prayer Warriors for the signs of the times are increasing. May we be vigilant in our work. Continue to pray for Hillary. Her digestive system is inflamed from throat through rectum increasing in intensity down to large intestine. They have not been able to control the bleeding. Pray for Hillary to understand her condition and how to control it. Pray for George who continues to be bombarded by Satan's torments through his family members by withholding money the judge has granted up front. He has no transportation and lives in a rural community. Lights, gas, phone services, food are constantly juggled by grace of God. Pray for Laverne, his sister, who controls the money from their mother whom he took personal care of for the last 10 years of her life. Let's pray for these requests and all others that we are aware of that affect the events that are ocurring that are and can affect the soon coming of Jesus and our readiness to be lifted up with Him when the time comes. God bless you all this week, Sis. 'Mina

Received: January 15, 2017